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Wine Thru


PRESS has been a place for locals, winemakers, vintners, and guests from around the world to experience current and older vintages of wine going back to the 1950s. The wineries have supported us over the years, and we have supported them — it’s this sense of community that’s at the heart of everything PRESS does.

At Rudd Estate, we were torn when deciding whether we should release our new vintage of Crossroads wines during these uncertain times, but then we knew we weren’t alone in the Napa Valley. And in that light, we decided that we needed to release these wines in a different way and help other wineries in the Napa Valley do the same. Wine has always been an integral part of PRESS, but it was when my father made a commitment to creating the largest collection of Napa Valley wines in the world, that I felt that PRESS had become an integral part of the Napa Valley.

In that spirit, we are launching the PRESS Wine Thru as the companion to our new PRESS Drive Thru to feature new release wines from Napa Valley wineries. We will feature a different winery each week starting with Crossroads by Rudd, Space Age by Josh Phelps, and Massican by Dan Petroski. Wines will be available to purchase via our Wine Thru, or via Online Ordering for curbside pickup. 

We will offer wine tastes via a smaller format bottle to take home for a $5 donation going towards our Employee Fund (limit 1 per person). 10% of the sales for each 750ml wine purchased through us will also be donated towards our Employee Fund. 

WINE THRU RELEASE SCHEDULE | Open daily 11:30 AM - 8:30 PM

April 8 – April 19 | Crossroads by Rudd

April 20 – April 26 | Space Age by Josh Phelps

April 27 - May 3 | Massican by Dan Petroski

May 4 – May 10 | Wingspan

May 11 – May 17 | Paper Planes

May 18 – May 24 | Zeitgeist Cellars

May 25 – May 31 | Brick & Mortar

June 1 – June 7 | Frank Family

June 8 – 14 | Gandona

As we adjust to our new (temporary) reality, we will expand our calendar and announce a new wine release every Monday via Instagram and our newsletter. We believe wines should be released when they are ready, even as the world faces this challenging point in time. The beauty in wine is its timelessness and our ability to take a long-term outlook toward brighter days. 

PRESS has evolved quickly over the past few weeks as we’ve launched a new Curbside Pick Up Menu and Drive Thru. I want to commend Chef Phil Tessier and his team for this, and for being a support to the community with a new pilot program feeding Napa County individuals and families from the PRESS Kitchen.  

All the best,

Samantha Rudd