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Flannery Beef - PRESS Signature Cuts


Born and raised in San Francisco, Bryan Jr. has been immersed in the meat business since he was old enough to handle a broom and sweep the floors in the family meat market. His father, Bryan Sr., established Bryans Quality Meats within an independent grocery store on California Street in San Francisco in 1963. Today The business is still in operation and is being run by Bryan Jr.’s brothers, Peter and Terry.

Bryan Sr. built both his business and his reputation on quality and unsurpassed customer service. He was known as the best butcher in the west and became somewhat of a celebrity. Stars like Alfred Hitchcock, Vincent Price, and Raymond Burr would either come up to San Francisco to purchase his meat or have him send it to them in Hollywood by train. Robert O’Dell, the founder of the Biltmore hotel chain, would fly him once a month to Los Angeles to select the Prime Ribs and New Yorks for the company’s many kitchens.

Once they opened their store, Bryan Jr.. began accompanying his father on trips to select the beef to purchase in the hopes of taking the family business to the next level. He continues to work tirelessly to ensure that he is providing the highest level products available and flies around the country searching for suppliers who meet his standards. Since 2010, his middle daughter Katie has been working side-by-side growing the family business.

We're proud to call the Flannery family true partners in making sure the quality of meat we serve at PRESS is second to none. These three selections are the PRESS signature cuts that we serve in the restaurant. Bryan even calls the NY Strip the "Rudd Steak," since he has been working with us so long.

Priced per steak. 


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